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Silicon Valley Shake-up: Google Drops SIS

November 2014

“All In To Win” Organizing Campaigns Get Results


Google shook up the tech industry in early October when it announced it was parting ways with its security contractor, Security Industry Specialists (SIS), and would instead provide quality, full-time work for its security officers. The change comes after broad worker protests in Silicon Valley calling on tech companies to do a better job providing opportunities to all tech workers. The Wall Street Journal called the decision “a move that could reverberate around Silicon Valley.”

The ongoing Silicon Valley Organizing Campaign of the Service Employees International Union-United Service Workers West is calling on Apple and other tech giants like Amazon, eBay, and Twitter to stop contracting with SIS, a non-union subcontractor that perpetuates low-wage security jobs and has intimidated security officers who have spoken out about working conditions.

SEIU-USWW hailed the move by Google as “a huge step in transforming the Security industry in Silicon Valley and is sending shock waves through the valley. Security contractors are taking note that big tech clients are moving to responsible contracting,” or, in Google’s case, going in-house.

A statement on the SEIU-USWW website noted that “the fight is far from over,” and called on allies in the labor movement to continue to pressure Apple to hire a responsible contractor. While security officers and other service workers contribute largely to the success of big tech companies, irresponsible contractors like SIS hold down wages and benefits and deny service workers the opportunity to enjoy their industry's success. Thousands of security officers work at Silicon Valley tech firms like Apple, and many are struggling to make ends meet, and are fighting for good jobs in the tech industry.

Union members from San Mateo County leafleted customers at the Burlingame Apple Stores October 10 to inform customers about improving working conditions for security workers in the tech industry.

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